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At Top Gear we are dedicated to ensuring you are legally towing a trailer or caravan. A trailer is the perfect solution for excess baggage, whether you’re going away on holiday, or you use your trailer to transport equipment. You will also need to apply for your B+E licence if you are planning on towing a horsebox.
Ensure you are legally towing a trailer

If you gained your driving licence before 1st January 1997, you are still entitled to drive with a trailer up to 3.5 tonnes (including your car). If you passed your driving test after 1st January 1997, you'll need to pass a further category B+E test to ensure you are legally towing your trailer or caravan. This can be completely arranged for you at Top Gear driver training. Gain your B+E licence today and call
Top Gear to book your training.
What will I be doing during my B+E test?

  • Vehicle questions
  • Off road reverse manoeuvre
  • Couple and uncouple exercise
  • Driving test constructed by a DVSA examiner
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We are based in Halesowen and provide driver training throughout the whole of the West Midlands
““Top Gear are a professional training company that deliver second to none training.”

– Paul Meakin
For Category B+E training contact the expert team at Top Gear in Halesowen.

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